Stay at Home Dad Cast

a comedy podcast about parenting hosted by a real life stay at home dad.
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Oh no who’s going to jump start all those trucks!

Firing on all cylinders today’s guys. My wife is so lucky to have me.

YES NEW PHONE BOOK! #YellowPages #YP #becauseInternet

#tbt to when I did my “stand-up” in LA. Don’t watch it

When my kids grab a walking stick…

9yo (on right): I’m Gandalf!
10yo: I’m Dr. House.

We are nailing parenting.

Just nailing it on twitter you guys #dogmovies @midnight

I thought my white #breakingbad shirt would look better in green so I dyed it like an adult who makes things happen with his life. Thinking I should pretty much audition for Project Runway now #heisenberg

Victory parade. #LOB @seahawks #12thMan #turndownforwhat #TBT

Yay, Kaepernick won the Espy for Best Girl Fighter! Congrats man! #ESPYS @seahawks

You’ve got to have a summah lagah #HaveASummah @howardkremer @kulap