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a comedy podcast about parenting hosted by a real life stay at home dad.
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The scene in Seattle ALL DAY today. Whole city partying with the @Seahawks! (@iamkulap show Howard this one!)

Are the Broncos calling all the 12thMan now to give their fan base lessons?

I called this. Blow out by halftime. #SameAsPreSeason #GOHAWKS

A regram from @sabrenad. Our awesome 12th Fam #GOHAWKS

Added some color to the hair. #CoolestKid #GoHawks #12thman #SB48

My kids 💙💚 the @Seahawks. #12thman #gohawks #sb48

Melted blue and green skittles to drizzle over ice cream tomorrow. Beast à la Modes. #12thman #gohawks #SB48

At school movie night. PTA figured old cartoons with Nazis would be a totally fine pre-movie roll. Hitler left the screen by the time I turned my camera on. #PTAfail

School movie night. I’m surrounded by every kid in the South Puget Sound I think. #YOLO

I’m doing the Lord’s work @seahawks