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a comedy podcast about parenting hosted by a real life stay at home dad.
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Chase Roper,
Stay at Home Dad Cast

Director, Jordan Brady (I Am Comic) is on the show and we talk about Father’s Day traditions, running as a therapy for ADHD, and his new documentary about stand up comics on the road. Today’s show is brought to you by Honest Company. You can start a free trial at

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Can a stay at home parent make money from


Probably Good Advice from a Stay at Home Dad - ep3 There are a lot of programs that promise you can make some income while being a stay at home dad or mom but what if you don’t want to sell anything? Here is some probably good advice on making money from home. If you have better advice, please let us know in the comments!

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Chase Roper,
The Stay at Home Dad Cast

Al Watts from the National At Home Dad Network is on the show today! We discuss the death of Mr.Mom, the importance of at home dads reaching out to each other, and more!

For more information on The National At Home Dad Network please visit their website!

Daily tips from a stay at home dad #14 - what to do when you’ve run out of coffee creamer (by chaseblogger)